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Welcome!  Here you will find over 1,500 DVD and CD resources from the world's largest producer of cutting-edge, mind-expanding programs.

INSPIRING                    NURTURING                    STIMULATING

     Each program is filled with practical wisdom, humor, keen intellect and a savvy understanding of the human condition. Our presenters offer many solutions and avenues of exploration that beautifully illustrate the possibilities open to us.

     We are honored to be working with some of the greatest teachers, researchers and visionaries of our time.

     We hope you'll take advantage of this opportunity to bring some of these people into your home or listen to them in your car.


     Type in any word, topic or name in the box above and our search engine will produce a list of titles containing that word in the title, description, presenter name or presenter bio. You can also click on any subject at the top and then access your interests by TITLE, CATEGORY, and/or PRESENTER. Have fun exploring your interests.

     Many presentations exist both on DVD and CD and some also on video and audio tape.
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